I am more confused than ever. Okay, archaic phrasing and Absurd Capitalization aside, this is a comic review blog. It is intended to be a trustworthy and interesting resource to help you find your way in the overwhelmingly abundant world of comics. Thanks for stopping by!

So what are your qualifications? Well, I just really love comics, and I read so many of them that I've acquired an opinion or two. I'm also an aspiring comic artist myself, so I'm always sniffing around to see what the neighbors are doing, as it were.

What can I expect to find here? My taste in comics veers towards the unique, independent, personal, visually impressive, and lovingly created. (Marvel superheroes and gaming webcomics are just not my cup of tea.) So expect to see a bias toward one-of-kind stuff. You won't find too many negative reviews here, because when I don't like something, I tend to, uh, stop reading it. I want this to be a place where you can find stuff you like, too.

Aren't many webcomics works in progress? How can you review something if it's not finished? Some comics are like TV shows in that they'll keep going indefinitely as long as there's audience support. Some comics have planned endings, but they're far off down the road. I can't wait around for that! I want to bring attention to good work sooner rather than later. If I only reviewed completed comics, I'd be narrowing my options quite a bit. The "started" and "ended" dates in the overview will give you an idea of how new a comic is. If it becomes necessary to go back and edit a review, I'll do it, and I'll make a note of it on the main page.

And what are "Tuesday Tangents"? That's my catch-all category for artsy things I want to review that are not comics. Basically, if it has art and a story, it's fair game. I think it's relevant to the blog because lovers of comics are naturally predisposed to also love animation, artsy indie games, well-illustrated children's books, etc. — or is that just me?

Why haven't you reviewed [insert name of fabulous thing]??? If there's a comic or something you think I should know about, by all means tell me! It's terribly exciting to have great comics thrown at me instead of having to hunt them down all the time.