Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tangents: Thought of You

Quick Overview:
Title: Thought of You
Animator: Ryan Woodward
Official Website: conteanimated.com
What it is: Animation meets choreography meets love story

Remember that amazing animated Google Doodle a while back with leaping dancers that spelled out the world "Google"? It commemorated the birthday of contemporary dance choreographer Martha Graham... who I really don't know anything about. What caught my attention was the animation itself, although for some reason I didn't do any research into the animator — I just watched it over and over until I was inevitably distracted by something else.

Lucky for me (and you, Esteemed Reader), I rediscovered the animator through pure chance (aka StumbleUpon). His name is Ryan Woodward. I instantly recognized his style — it's very distinctive. It's liquid and expressive and like nothing else I've seen. The power of this video caught me unprepared, and I was reduced to tears by the end of it.

This animation perfectly expresses the agony that goes hand-in-hand with love. The force that is keeping the lovers apart can be interpreted many ways — as time, distance, death, difference, circumstance, whatever.

Here it is. Enjoy. (Take the time to load it in HD!)

Choreography: Kori Wakamatsu
Music: "The World Spins Madly on" by The Weepies

And don't miss the fascinating making-of documentary!

>> Visit the official website here! <<

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