Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tangents: Goodnight Dune

Quick Overview:
Title: Goodnight Dune
Author/Artist: Julia Yu
Website: goodnightdune.com
What it is: A wonderfully illustrated spoof of Goodnight Moon

It's not quite a comic, it's not quite a book, but it's thoroughly delightful. It's my first Tuesday Tangent! I forget how I originally stumbled across this... I think it was just making the rounds on Twitter.
If you're like me, I never exactly found Goodnight Moon to be the soothing, heartwarming bedtime story people seem to think it is. It always gave off distinct creepy vibes. Maybe it was the garish color scheme (who puts their kid to sleep in a room with a neon orange carpet??). Maybe it was that unappetizing bowl of mush. Maybe it was the undertone of loneliness and desperation — did "Goodnight nobody" set off alarm bells for anyone?
Anyway, Julia Yu's version of the childhood classic seems much more thematically appropriate than the original. The oppressive, ominous atmosphere lends itself perfectly to a bedroom on the harsh desert planet. Her illustrations match the style of the original so flawlessly that I did a double-take at first. Hardcore fans of Dune will feel an immediate connection. Even if you're like me, and you just know the basics of the story, I bet you will be far more charmed by Goodnight Dune than by Goodnight Moon.

Yu was inspired by this CollegeHumor parody article.

>> Read Goodnight Dune here! <<

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  1. Now that you bring it up, Goodnight Moon *was* creepy. That's probably why it wasn't much of a stretch to make a parody in the Dune universe--lots of unresolved childhood issues in those books. (Bene Gesserit=ultimate stage mothers.) Great review!